Ravjit Singh

A freelance writer and consultant based out of Calcutta, India. Interested and invested in technology, music and pop culture.


A hardworking, self-motivated and dependable recent college graduate who, with a varied work experience, promises to bring innovative solutions, high performance and a strong work ethic to the table.


  • Co-founder and Operations Head, 142Designs (2019 - )
    Head of operations of a digital marketing solutions collective that I co-founded with my younger sibling. The collective has a network of seven local freelancers and has accumalated a clientele of 12 local businesses across various sectors like education, heavy industry and QSR.

  • Social Media Manager, ALLCAP Communications (2020)
    Was in-charge of handling the Twitter and Facebook pages of Ananda Bazar Patrika Group’s The Telegraph and Metro newspapers. Carried the responsibility of curating stories for social media propagation and broke essential news live on the social networking platforms. Was also responsible for selecting the stories for digital promotion.

  • Contributor, Sportskeeda (2020 - )
    Write feature articles and news pieces covering the E-sports industry and cricket. Gained proficiency in handling SEO tags, keyword analytics, operating a CMS and short-form text-based media creation.

  • Editorial Intern, The Telegraph India (2017 - 19)
    Wrote cover stories on technology, music, pop culture and video games, and covered local stories with an emphasis on campus life in the city. Conducted interviews with various artistes and eminent personalities and ideated numerous independent stories that often comprised of on-ground reporting and standalone research. Received over 200 bylines over the course of two years.

  • Web Developer & Marketing Manager, Jharna's Kitchen (2016 - 17)
    Was in charge of website development, digital data management and undertook marketing responsibilities in this food delivery startup.


  • The Office 2048 (April 2020)
    Designed and developed an adaption of the popular online puzzle game, 2048, based on the hit NBC series, The Office. Used prior HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge in its development. Open source and hosted on Github.

  • Soccer Bot (August 2017)
    Headed a team of six members that designed and developed a small robot that could play a game of soccer and attack the opponent simultaneously, for a ‘Robot Soccer Challenge’ held in college. My role was to design the hardware of the bot and various attacking mechanisms. We used Arduino as our base development environment and used Atmel Studio as the IDE. Our team eventually reached the semi – finals.

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